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Welcome to MJ Locksmith Services

MJ Locksmith Services is a multiple insurance vendor approved Locksmith & Security Services Company. We operate 24/7 to ensure our clients get the best service, always. We also partnered with various other locksmith companies, allowing our footprint to reach across South Africa.

Our #1 priority is the safety & comfort of our clients, and we don't want anyone to be stuck outside, in the rain or in the middle of a dangerous or deserted area. Our mission is to provide fast, efficient services to our clients, therefore we try our very best to reach any client within 35-45min, getting you out of your situation as fast as possible. We are different because we are dedicated.

We offer various services apart from our Emergency Mobile Locksmith Services:




Have you been locked out of your house, office or car? We can be at your service ASAP

Lock Repairs

Struggling with a door or safety gate with a broken lock? We can fix it for you on the fly


We can replace your old lock pins with new ones to make sure you don't get locked out

Keypad Access Control

Securing access to your office or building is very important. We specialize in Keypad Access Control

Lock Replacements

We can replace locks on existing doors, or install locks on new doors. Perfect for when you move into a new office or home

More Services...

We specialize in multiple different locksmith services in addition to the mentioned services. Contact us for a custom quote i.e Key Cutting Services